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SN Sudharsan

SN Sudharsan

Faculty, Indica Courses

SN Sudharsan is a dedicated researcher specializing in Indic Knowledge Traditions, with a particular focus on Advaita Vedanta, Varkari Sampradaya, and Sanskrit. Currently, he is deeply engaged in extensive research and studies in these fields, having successfully completed over 30 programs in the past 5 years, offered by prestigious institutions such as Chinmaya International Foundation, Samskrita Bharati, and IIT-R.

An accomplished author, he has written an English novel and has translated and provided commentaries for four works of Sant Sri Jnaneshwar Maharaj’s literature.

Beyond his expertise in Indic Knowledge Traditions, he is a self-taught polyglot with exceptional proficiency in six languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, and English.

With a diverse professional background spanning 20 years, he has excelled in the realms of corporate, academic, and entrepreneurial endeavors, specifically in the domain of human skills development. His educational qualifications encompass linguistics, TESOL, law, and computer science engineering. Notably, Sudharsan is also an accomplished singer and a former AIR artist, having received accolades and performed in numerous concerts and stage programs.

Residing in Pune, he is currently engaged in researching the history and future of Indian sociolinguistics within the context of Sanatana Dharma. His ultimate objective is to distill this knowledge and apply it effectively in the modern world through various mediums such as courses, writings, and talks.