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V. Srinidhi

V. Srinidhi

Faculty, Indica Courses

Dr. Srinidhi has been studying Samskrta and the Dvaita School of Vedānta for over two decades, under traditional scholars. He is passionate about manuscriptology and has edited more than ten unpublished manuscripts from the Dvaita tradition, including Vānāmali Miśra’s Gītāgūḍhārthacandrikā, Kāntāra-Rāma’s Suvarṇamañjarī, and Vedagarbha Nārāyaṇa’s Bhāṣyārthamañjarī.

Professionally, Dr. Srinidhi holds an MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and a PhD in public policy from IIM Bangalore. His doctoral research focused on the engagements between Ayurveda and Biomedicine, examining possibility of integrating the two systems in terms of practice, policy, and philosophy. His research interests include epistemology of medical systems epistemology, integrative medicine, medical education, and health policy and systems research. He has been a researcher with the Public Health Foundation of India and has taught at many higher education institutions such as the PES University, the Jain University, and the Indian Institute of Public Health.

Dr. Srinidhi is also a member of the founding team of Pūrṇapramati, a schooling experiment in Bengaluru that integrates Bhāratīya knowledge traditions into mainstream education. He is also actively involved in research and publication activities at Uḍupi Śrī Bhaṇḍārakeri Maṭha.