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V. Srinidhi

V. Srinidhi

Faculty, Indica Courses

Dr. Srinidhi has been a student of the Dvaita School of Vedānta for more than two decades, studying under various traditional scholars and Swamijis. He is passionate about manuscriptology and has edited more than ten unpublished manuscripts belonging to the Dvaita tradition, including Vānāmali Miśra’s Gītāgūḍhārthacandrikā, Kāntāra-Rāma’s Suvarṇamañjarī and Vedagarbha Nārāyaṇa’s Bhāṣyārthamañjarī. Works edited by him have been published by various research institutes and Māṭhas.

Professionally, Dr Srinidhi holds an MBBS from Bangalore Medical College and a PhD in public policy from IIM Bangalore. His research interests include epistemology of medical systems, integrative medicine, medical education, knowledge translation, respectful maternity care, and health policy and systems research.

Dr. Srinidhi is also a founding member of Pūrṇapramati, an alternative school in Bengaluru that aims to integrate Indic knowledge systems with mainstream education. He is actively involved in research and publication activities of Uḍupi Śrī Bhaṇḍārakeri Māṭha.