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Sanskrit and Indian Knowledge Systems

Sanskrit and Indian Knowledge Systems

This INDICA residential weekend workshop aims to introduce the Sanskrit Language, Literature, and their relevance to Indian knowledge systems. We’ll explore how Sanskrit-rooted ancient wisdom can be applied in modern society. The workshop, on the lines of a faculty development program, is designed to enhance educators’ understanding of Sanskrit and Indian wisdom, and equip them with effective teaching methodologies for these topics.

Participants will gain insights into the features, uses, and applications of Indian knowledge systems. This comprehensive approach seeks to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and its practical applications today, enabling educators to better facilitate this ancient knowledge in modern classrooms.

3 days
Date & Time

25 August 2023 - 27 August 2023

Friday 3 PM IST-Sunday 3 PM IST

Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Course Fee: ₹6000
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
One year from the last day of the workshop
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This unique workshop is not only a journey into the rich, ancient world of Sanskrit and its integral role within Indian knowledge systems but also an opportunity for faculty development. As we delve into the distinctive features of this timeless language, our goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the profound Indian wisdom it encapsulates. Included in the workshop is a faculty development program, designed to equip educators with the knowledge and pedagogical skills to effectively teach Sanskrit and its relevance to Indian wisdom. This allows for the enrichment of teaching capabilities and the propagation of this age-old knowledge in modern classrooms.

This isn’t merely a linguistic exploration—it’s an appreciation of India’s vibrant cultural heritage, an interactive learning experience, and an invitation to further study through extensive resources. We aim to unlock the timeless wisdom of Sanskrit, illuminating its enduring relevance in our modern society.

The workshop not only introduces you to the profound insights rooted in Sanskrit but also promotes cross-cultural dialogue, facilitating a deeper global understanding of diverse traditions. As we embark on this intellectual expedition, we welcome you to discover the beauty and wisdom of Sanskrit, its impact on teaching and learning, and its seamless relevance to the rhythm of contemporary life.


  • Provide a concise introduction to Sanskrit language, literature, and its relevance in Indian knowledge systems
  • Explore the practical applications and contemporary significance of ancient Sanskrit wisdom
  • Understand the distinctive features and structures of Sanskrit language and literature
  • Examine the diverse range of topics and fields covered in Indian knowledge systems
  • Foster appreciation for the cultural heritage associated with Sanskrit and promote cross-cultural dialogue
  • Facilitate interactive learning experiences and provide resources for further study


  • Develop a foundational understanding of the Sanskrit Language, Literature, and its significance in Indian knowledge systems
  • Gain insights into the ancient wisdom and techniques rooted in Sanskrit, forming the basis of Indian knowledge
  • Acquire the ability to apply the principles of Sanskrit wisdom in modern contexts and recognize its relevance in contemporary society
  • Identify and appreciate the distinctive features, uses, and applications of Indian knowledge systems across various fields
  • Cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the topic, enabling participants to engage in meaningful discussions and further exploration
  • Foster an appreciation for the cultural heritage associated with Sanskrit and promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding


Day 1

  1. Arrival & Settling In
  2. Welcome Address & Overview of the Retreat
  3. Introduction to Sanskrit: Origins, significance, and historical context
  4. Interactive Session-Introduction to the Indian Knowledge Systems and Indian Knowledge Traditions.
  5. Dinner and Informal Discussions

Day 2

  1. Breakfast and Informal Discussions
  2. Unlocking the Vedic Corpus: Exploring Ancient Wisdom and Insights
  3. Embarking on the Path of Wisdom: Exploring the Vedantas
  4. Unlocking the Sacred Knowledge: Delving into the Vedangas
  5. Lunch and Networking
  6. Unraveling the Epic Journey-1: Introduction to the Ramayana
  7. Unraveling the Epic Journey-2: Introduction to the Mahabharata
  8. Essential Foundations: Unraveling the Vocabulary of Indian Knowledge Systems
  9. Epic Tales of Creation and Beyond: Unveiling the Rich Content of the Puranas
  10. Dinner and /informal Discussions

Day 3

  1. Breakfast & informal Discussions
  2. Cracking the Code-1: Decoding Sanskrit Grammar
  3. Navigating the Realm of Philosophy: Exploring Indian Philosophical Systems.
  4. Practical Exercises: Language exercises, readings, and discussions to enhance understanding and engagement
  5. Distinctive Features and Applications: Exploring the unique characteristics and practical uses of Indian knowledge systems
  6. Closing Remarks
  7. Lunch & Departure


A week following the workshop, a certificate of participation will be awarded. This certificate serves as a token of the knowledge gained during the workshop and can be downloaded from our portal. Participants will receive a notification on their registered email id.


Montfort Spirituality Center, Indiranagar, Bengaluru


The workshop fees includes stay and food arrangements from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Participants are expected to report to the venue by 2 PM IST.


Sanhita Vyas

Sanhita Vyas is a BA (Sanskrit) from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University and MA (Sanskrit & Lexicography) from Deccan College, PGRI. She has completed B2.1 in German Language from Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune. She has worked with different organizations, teaching Sanskrit and German and is currently handling operations of E-Lingua Hub- a platform for teaching Languages. She is also pursuing Ph.D. in Sanskrit at INDUS University, Ahmedabad.