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Muhurta Parichayamu

Muhurta Parichayamu

Determining Muhurtam for an auspicious task, is one of the most important constituents of Phalitha Jyothisha. This course is designed to create and spread awareness on using auspicious time in our daily life as per the age-old Bharatiya Traditions. Former Professor of Astrology, Dr. C.V.B.Subrahmanyam, Jyothisha Mahamahopadhyaya has conducted this course in detail.


Course Fee: ₹6000
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
Telugu with explanation of Samskrta shlokas
Basic Samskrit and knowledge of Samskaras and Bharatiya Traditions
One year from the beginning of the course
Online through Indica Courses Learning Portal
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Determination of Muhurta constitutes one of the most important aspects of Phalita Jyotisha. Among the ancient Bharatiya shastras, Astrology has developed significantly along with Astronomy (Vedanga Jyotisha). In the Vedic times, ऋतु and नक्षत्र were specified for deciding various aspects of yajnas as with samskaras such as garbhadhana (conception). Finding the right time (in a day, month, season or even year) to perform any important activity pertaining to various activities of life (can be signing agreements in a day to performing samskaras) is the essence of Muhurta nirnaya. Performing an activity in an auspicious time is thus a unique aspect of Bharatiya Jyotisha not studied in Chinese or other Western astrological systems.


  • Create and spread awareness of using auspicious times in daily lives
  • Increase awareness of muhurtas and samkaras (Bharatiya Sampradayas)
  • Conduct practical exercises for deciding muhurta

Expected Outcomes

  • Understanding of importance of Muhurta
  • Its import for various events in life.


  • Those who are interested in the subjects of Astrology and Bharatiya samskaras
  • Astrologers, Purohits, Students of Astrology (Astrology and Social Sciences)
  • Housewives, and professionals interested enhancing their lifestyle by using muhurtas for their activities


Unit 1 (Total 19.5 Hrs)

  1. Introduction to Muhurta Granthas (Muhurta Granthakartala Parichayamu)
  2. Auspicious and Inauspicious events (Shubha- Ashubha Prakarana)
  3. Uses of Muhurta (Muhurta Prayojanamu)
  4. Five aspects of Calendars (Panchanga Shuddhi)
  5. Importance of Asterisms (Nakshatrala Pratyekata)
  6. Role of Gochara in auspicious activities (Shubhakaryalaku Gochara anukulyam)
  7. Importance of Astakavargu
  8. Importance of Dvipushkara and Tripushkara Yogas
  9. Determining Tithis, Parvas and others

Unit 2 (Total 21 Hrs)

  1. Muhurtas in Vedas (Vedalalo muhurtalu)
  2. Role of muhurta in daily activities (Samaanya kaaryalaku Muhurtalu)
  3. Muhurtas for travel (Prayaana Muhurtalu)
  4. Muhurtas for health aspects (Arogyasambandha Muhurtalu)
  5. Muhurtas for Grhapravesha etc (Grharambha praveshaadi Muhurtalu)
  6. Muhurtas for Business and Markets (Vyapara Muhurtalu)
  7. Fifteen Samskaras – An Introduction (Panchadasha samskarala Parichayamu)
  8. Muhurtas for Seemanta and other samskaras
  9. Calculations and Chakras – 1 (Chakra nirmanam – 1)

Unit 3 (Total 19.5 Hrs)

  1. Determination of Muhurta for Conception (Garbhadharana muhurtala Nirnayamu)
  2. Determination of Muhurta for Marriage (Vivaha muhurta nirnayam)
  3. Lagna and planetary yogas
  4. Rites related to After-death activities (Antyeshti niyamalu)
  5. Calculations and Chakras – 2
  6. Calculations and Chakras – 3
  7. Doshas and Preventions

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Professor and Former HOD in Jyotisha, P. S. Telugu University, Hyderabad, India

Acharya Dr. C. V. B. Subrahmanyam served as the Former Dean and Professor of Astrology in the Department of Astrology, P. S. Telugu University, Hyderabad, Telangana. He was also the Director, Center for Distance Education. He was the recipient of numerous awards nationally including Ugadi Puraskaram and Best Teacher Award by State Governments. He participated in several national and international jyotisha sabhas and received many titles most notably as Jyotisha Mahamahopadhyaya.