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Foundation Course on Wellbeing through Ayurveda

Foundation Course on Wellbeing through Ayurveda

This Indica course will acquaint learners with the principles and methods of maintenance of wellbeing in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, has a treasure of fundamental solutions to a healthy way of being. It considers good health as the state where physical senses are perfectly enjoyed and the mind is tranquil.This state of equilibrium of all the senses and  bodily functions leads to wellbeing.

If you are a working professional, housewife, yoga practitioner, student, caregiver and/or retired from active service, seeking to adopt these methods and lead a healthy and purposeful life, this Indica Course is for you.

15 Hours

Course Fee: $50
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Medium of Instruction
One year from the beginning of the course
Online through Indica Courses Learning Portal
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Ayurveda is the science of life with two distinct objectives:

  • swasthyasya -the  maintenance  of wellbeing of healthy people
  • swasthya rakshanam  – methods of management  for  different illnesses.

Ayurveda  is a well designed  science  with solutions to all health problems. The main  emphasis  is not  to treat symptoms but  to wipe out the root cause of the disease. Therefore, the  treatment is  based on pathogenesis and  its stage wise progression. The treatment lies in undoing the stages of pathogenesis . This basic principle is the main pathfinder of  relief  from disorders.

In the current  Pandemic  circumstances, the concept of Ayurveda is well applicable  as  it believes that the  bala  of manushya  is the key factor for the progression of the  krimijanya vikara . The bala is nothing but ojus  – the immunity power.

Ayurveda  uses  different Rasayanas  for the manufacturing of  Immunity enhancing  factors. A Complete  branch of Ayurveda out of its  eight branches  the Ashtanga Ayurveda  – is  earmarked for it by name The Rasayana tantra . This Indica course  will focus  on these aspects  too.


This foundation course will acquaint the learner with the principles and methods of maintenance of wellbeing in Ayurveda.

  • Self maintenance of wellbeing through Ayurveda
  • Adding value to the care to be given through Ayurveda to those who depend on the learners of this  group
  • Ayurvedic simple remedies and diet  according to  season and according to the constitution of the  person
  • Know how of Ayurvedic maintenance of wellness and introduction to methods  of therapies and management of  disorders

Expected Outcomes

Learners will be introduced  to the basic  principles of Ayurveda  and gain an understanding of  the ways to maintain wellbeing  through  Ayurveda.


  • Basic Principles of Ayurveda with Kriya sharir and Rachana sharir
  • Dosha Dhatu and Mala Vivechana.and their application in  wellness management.
  • Nadi Pareeksha and Dasha Vidha Pareeksha.
  • Prakriti Nirnaya and its application and manasa prakriti
  • Swastya vrittam Dina Charya and Ratri Charya. ahara niyamas
  • Gunas and karmas  of various foods
  • Pathyas and Apathyas
  • Common ailments and their management
  • Rasayana (Rejuvenation therapy ) and Vajikarana (Aphrodisiac therapy)
  • Panchakarma Principles. and methods to perform these
  • Drugs, their properties and their usage for wellness and in disorders.


Reading List

  • Ashtanga hridaya of Vagbhata Acharya
  • Sushruta Samhita of MaharshiSushruta
  • Chraka Samhita of Maharshi Charaka
  • Yoga Ratnakara
  •  Bhavaprakasha
  • Shrangadhara Samhita
  • Sushruta’s sign and symptoms

Learners are expected to have basic proficiency in English and some acquaintance with basic Sanskrit.


Prof. S Dattatreya Rao

Prof. S Dattatreya Rao is an Ayurveda Consultant from Tirupati. Dr. Rao is an ex-Vice Principal (admin), Professor & HOD, P.G. Department of Shalya at T.T. D’s S.V. Ayurvedic College Tirupati, India. After serving as a Professor at Sri Venkateshwara Ayurvedic College Tirupati for 33 years, he now teaches at various institutes as a visiting faculty at various colleges of Ayurveda such as VYDS College of Ayurveda at Khurja, Uttar Pradesh India.
He has also served as Vice Principal (Acad), Professor U.G., Assistant Professor, Lecturer, Member-Board of Study, PG Ayurveda at NTR UHS Vijayawada and Executive Member, PhD Committee NTR UHS Vijayawada.
He holds a Ph.D in Ayurveda from Pune University and has worked on Molecular and Cellular activity of Kshara Sutra. (1 st Ph.D. on Ksharasutra in Andhra Pradesh), M.D. (Ay) Degree (Recognized by C.C.I.M.) in Shalya from Osmania University under the guidance of Dr. V.S Patil of Govt. Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad. He also Worked on fracture treatment and formed a new treatment for simple fractures. He holds a B.A.M.S. Degree from Osmania University (Hyderabad), M.Sc., (Psychology) course in Sri Venkateswara University, Ph.D. in Psychology (studying) from Sri Venkateswara University, (Tirupati), D.Sc., Degree Conferred by the International Open University for Traditional Medicines, Colombo.