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Shri Durga Saptashati – Chant and Learn

Shri Durga Saptashati – Chant and Learn

Delve deep into the resonant world of Stotras, ancient hymns sung in adoration and reverence of the Divine. The term ‘Stotra’ has long stood as a testament to humanity’s quest for spirituality, representing hymns and compositions crafted to glorify deities. Among the myriad of stotras composed through the ages, the Shri Durga Saptashati holds a place of prominence. This course offers you an immersive experience to not only chant but also understand the profound meaning behind these verses.

9 Hours
Date & Time

3 October 2023 - 7 November 2023

7:00 PM-8:00 PM IST

Every Tuesday and Friday (Except 24th October 2023)


Course Fee: ₹2000
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
Sanskrit, English, Hindi
One year from the end date of the course
Online through INDICA Courses Portal
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Delve into the divine realm of Shri Durga Saptashati in this immersive course. Here, we offer a holistic journey through select stotras, timed perfectly with the revered festival of Navaratri, celebrating Goddess Durga. Engage not just in chanting, but also unravel the profound layers of significance embedded in these hymns.

Course Objectives

  • Deepen your connection to the spiritual world of the Durga Saptashati.
  • Embrace the opportunity to learn and understand the stotras in the context of Navaratri.

Course Outcomes

  • Spiritual Nourishment: Relish the inner peace and divine connection fostered through the sacred chants.
  • Cultural Understanding: Immerse in the opulent traditions of Navaratri and veneration of Goddess Durga.
  • Personal Transformation: Experience the transformative power of understanding and chanting stotras, unlocking inner courage and resilience.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to दुर्गा- सप्त्शती
  • Delving into नवरात्रि-उत्सव:
  • Exploration of the स्तोत्र
    • दुर्गा – सप्तश्लोकी
    • देवी – कवचम्
    • अर्गल स्त्रोत्रम्
    • कीलकम्
    • दुर्गाद्वात्रिंशन्नाममाला
    • देव्यपरधक्षमपनस्त्रोत्रम्
  • Rules of chanting
  • Chanting the स्तोत्र

Course includes

  • Live sessions
  • Access to class recordings (for asynchronous participation)
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful course completion

Sanhita Vyas

Sanhita Vyas is a BA (Sanskrit) from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University and MA (Sanskrit & Lexicography) from Deccan College, PGRI. She has completed B2.1 in German Language from Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune. She has worked with different organizations, teaching Sanskrit and German and is currently handling operations of E-Lingua Hub- a platform for teaching Languages. She is also pursuing Ph.D. in Sanskrit at INDUS University, Ahmedabad.