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Sanskrit for Beginners <br> Basic Course

Sanskrit for Beginners
Basic Course

After the delightful success of three earlier batches, we are proud to announce our fourth batch of the INDICA Course “Sanskrit for Beginners”.

Open to learners above the age of 15 years, this course is our effort to revive Sanskrit among people in an interesting and innovative manner.


30 Hours
Date & Time

2 June 2023 - 26 September 2023

7:00PM-8:00PM IST

Every Tuesday and Friday (Except 15th August 2023)


Course Fee: ₹6000
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
One year from the end date of the course
Online through Indica Courses Portal
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An amazingly scientific language, Sanskrit has been considered as a Divine language – the language of Gods! A member of the Indo-European language family, it has left an impact on various disciplines and cultures. With its rich vocabulary and grammatical concepts, it has positively influenced various aspects of our lives. There are several Sanskrit texts and manuscripts that offer ancient knowledge and wisdom.

This INDICA Course intends to provide a basic understanding of Sanskrit Language and its Literature. Participants will be able to learn Sanskrit online from scratch. It also aims at familiarizing learners with an introduction to basic Sanskrit and it’s vocabulary for use in daily conversation.

Course Objectives

  • To introduce the history of Sanskrit Language
  • To explain the details of the Varnamala of Sanskrit
  • The Pronunciation skills
  • Introduction to Sanskrit Literature

Course Outcomes

  • Basic knowledge about Sanskrit Language and Literature
  • Conversational Sanskrit
  • Vocabulary building
  • Understanding easy grammatical concepts

Course Syllabus


  • Introduction to Sanskrit: Language
  • संस्कृतवर्णमाला (Sanskrit Varnamala)
  • लिङ्गानि (Genders)
  • सर्वनामानि ( pronouns)
  • क्रियापदानि (Verbs)
  • लकाराः – लट्, लङ् , लृट् , लोट् ( Lakaras)
  • भूतकालः
  • भविष्य कालः
  • लोट् लकारः
  • समयः (Time telling)
  • कथाकथनम् (Stories)
  • सुभाषितानि (Subhashitas/shlokas)
  • सप्तककाराः (Questions in Sanskrit )
  • उपसर्गाः (Prefixes)
  • संख्या (Numbers)
  • विभक्तयः (Cases)
  • शब्दसंग्रहः (Vocabulary building)


  • Introduction to Sanskrit Literature
  • Vedas : An Introduction.
  • Vedangas
  • Mahabharata & Ramayana : The source of Literature
  • Types of Kavyas
  • Nava Rasas
  • Sanskrit Aesthetics: An insight.
  • Puranas

Course includes

  • Live sessions
  • Access to class recordings (for asynchronous participation)
  • Certificate of Completion

*Please note that if the number of registrations is less than 15, this Indica Course may not be offered. Learners will be notified about this decision, and their money will be refunded.

Watch this video for a detailed course overview


Sanhita Vyas

Sanhita Vyas is a BA (Sanskrit) from Shree Somnath Sanskrit University and MA (Sanskrit & Lexicography) from Deccan College, PGRI. She has completed B2.1 in German Language from Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune. She has worked with different organizations, teaching Sanskrit and German and is currently handling operations of E-Lingua Hub- a platform for teaching Languages. She is also pursuing Ph.D. in Sanskrit at INDUS University, Ahmedabad.