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Learning Life With Thirukkural – Chants for Every Age

Learning Life With Thirukkural – Chants for Every Age

Welcome to INDICA’s transformative exploration of the Tirukkural, one of the world’s oldest and most revered literary masterpieces. This course invites students and adults alike on a profound journey through 108 carefully selected verses, providing not just understanding but a lived experience of its deep-rooted philosophy. Dive into ethical, moral, and philosophical teachings enriched with English and Sanskrit translations, bridging ancient wisdom with the complexities of modern life.

Whether you aim to master the art of recitation, seek a deeper connection with Tamil heritage, or wish to enhance your personal philosophy, our course unlocks the door to a wealth of timeless wisdom. Discover the virtues that have inspired generations and how they can shine a light on your path today.

Embark on this enriching INDICA journey and let the Tirukkural transform your perspective on life and virtue. Enroll now and join a community of learners and thinkers eager to explore the richness of Tamil literature and philosophy.

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*The Course may not be offered if the number of registrations is less than 15.

15 Hours
Date & Time

19 April 2024 - 26 July 2024

7:00 PM-8:00 PM IST

Every Friday


Course Fee: ₹3500
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
One year from the end date of the course
Online through INDICA Courses Portal
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Dive into the ancient wisdom of the Tirukkural through this enlightening course designed for enthusiasts of philosophy and Tamil literature. Using verses from the Tirukkural, presented with English and Sanskrit translations, we explore its profound philosophy. This course carefully selects Kural (couplets) that illuminate essential qualities for personal development, unpacking their meanings in interactive sessions.

Course Objectives

  • Master the chanting of 108 selected Thirukkural verses to connect with their rhythmic beauty and depth.
  • Understand the nuanced meanings behind each chosen Kural, bringing its timeless wisdom into contemporary relevance.
  • Identify and internalize the virtues and qualities espoused in the Kural, fostering personal growth and wisdom.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion, students will:

  • Be proficient in the recitation of selected Tirukkural verses, appreciating their linguistic and philosophical richness.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the meanings, context, and importance of these verses, facilitating a deeper connection to their guidance.
  • Gain insight into the structure of the Tirukkural text, including the themes and ethical teachings it covers, and how they apply to personal life.

Course Syllabus

  • A curated selection of 108 Tirukkural verses, chosen for their philosophical depth and applicability to modern life.
  • Study of the “Tiruvalluva Maalai,” to appreciate the legacy and impact of Tirukkural through ages.
  • Practical sessions on the relevance of Tirukkural’s teachings in personal and professional life.

Reading List

  • “Tirukkural – Exposition” by Parimelazhagar, offering insightful commentary on the verses.
  • “Tirukkural – Compilation of commentaries” by K.V. Jagannathan, a comprehensive analysis of the text.
  • “Tirukkural – Commentary” by Swami Omkarananda, focusing on spiritual interpretations.

Course includes

  • Live sessions
  • Access to class recordings for asynchronous participation
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful course completion

*Important Enrollment Notice: Please note that this course requires a minimum of 15 registrations to proceed. If the number of enrolled students falls short of this requirement, the course will not be offered. In such an event, all registered participants will be informed and a full refund will be issued.


Shri. Vinoth Kumar Shanmugam

Vinoth Kumar Shanmugam is a Physics teacher. Having graduated in Physics and with multiple post-graduations in Education, English and Education Management, he cleared his NET and is presently doing research in Indic Educational system. He has an experience of 15 years in teaching values and ethics through many NGOs. He also has his own NGO that has been involved in education for more than 10 years. A Yoga trainer and motivational speaker, he has conducted various workshop in the core subject and in the ethical values and morals. Vinoth is a Trustee of Vishva Vidya Foundation which is focused on recovering Tamil Education and Bharatiya Shiksha.

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