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Introduction to Sri Aurobindo <br> Life and Works

Introduction to Sri Aurobindo
Life and Works

We are delighted to announced an INDICA COurse on Sri Aurobindo as a part of “Enlightened Masters” series.

Learners will gain an opportunity to know about Sri Aurobindo’s life, his contribution to India’s freedom movement, his evolution and transformation into a yogi.

The course covers Sri Aurobindo’s spiritual philosophy, realizations and Yoga Sadhana.

15 Hours
Date & Time

5 September 2022 - 2 January 2022

7:00 PM -8:00 PM IST

Every Monday (except 24th October 2022)


Course Fee: $50
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
One year from the beginning of the course
Online through Indica Courses Learning Portal
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Sri Aurobindo : An Introduction

In his 20s he redefined the course of India’s freedom movement working with Tilak and other leaders, and set Swaraj – complete independence – as its goal. In his later years as spiritual experiences “crowded” upon him, he turned his gaze upwards to the gritty problem of elevating the level of consciousness of the humanity. He called the higher level of consciousness as Super mind and worked for its realization upon earth. Freedom fighter, poet, political visionary, philosopher, yogi & rishi – A figure comparable to Sri Aurobindo so rare to find In India’s 5000-year-old history remains unknown to most Indians today.

This course serves as a comprehensive Introduction to Sri Aurobindo. The course begins with a biographical sketch of Sri Aurobindo. It then moves to his seminal works including Life Divine, Synthesis of Yoga, Essays on the Gita and Savitri. Key themes of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga and meditations and spiritual practices In Integral yoga are covered In this course.


Sri Aurobindo : An Introduction

Expected Outcomes

  • Introduction to Sri Aurobindo’s life
  • Understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s social, political and spiritual philosophy
  • Overview of Sri Aurobindo’s Important literary works : Essays on The Gita, Synthesis of Yoga, Life Divine, Savitri, Letters on Yoga, etc.
  • Understanding of key elements of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga sadhana


  1. Sri Aurobindo’s Life – Part I : London, Gujarat, Bengal – Political years
  2. Sri Aurobindo’s Life – Part II : Pondicherry Years – Spiritual Sadhana, Ashram, The Mother
  3. Sri Aurobindo’s Poetry
  4. Yoga Sutras & Mahavakyas Of Integral Yoga
  5. Works of Sri Aurobindo : Synthesis of Yoga
  6. Sri Aurobindo on Indian Culture
  7. Works of Sri Aurobindo : Life Divine
  8. Meditations in Integral Yoga
  9. Works of Sri Aurobindo : Essays On The Gita
  10. Social Philosophy Of Sri Aurobindo
  11. On the Mother, Her Life and Her Sadhana
  12. Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Society & Auroville

Reading List

Free Download:

Other books will be recommended during the course and are available at :


Srinivas Mulugu

Srinivas Mulugu is the Chairman of Sri Aurobindo Society for Andhra Pradesh &Telangana states. He is based in Hyderabad. Having spent a couple of decades in the field of telecommunications, Srinivas retired in his forties to focus on his spiritual pursuits. He has been associated with Sri Aurobindo Ashram since 1980s. He conducts spiritual retreats for seekers interested in Integral Yoga.


Dr. Ananda Reddy

Dr. Ananda Reddy is the Founder Director of Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), Puducherry and the Chairman of Institute of Human Study, Hyderabad. He is an alumnus of Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (Ashram school), Puducherry and has received his doctorate on Sri Aurobindo’s concept of Physical Transformation from Madras University. He has travelled across India and to USA, Europe and far East to disseminate the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo. He continues to work and inspire the younger generations. He has authored about ten books on the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo and has delivered about 2000 hours of talks.


Dr. Shruti Bidwaikar

Shruti Bidwaikar belongs to a family which is deeply connected with Sri Aurobindo and the mother. Her moorings were made stronger by her PhD and the period which she spent in Pondicherry listening to various stalwarts in the Ashram, Society, SACAR and Auroville. Her doctorate thesis was on Sri Aurobindo’s Poetics and Aesthetics. From being a student of SACAR from 2007, she joined work at SACAR as Assistant Director in 2014 to serve here and grow closer to Sri Aurobindo and the mother. Shruti is also the Assistant Editor of the journal New Race which was blessed by the mother in 1964.


Dr. Ramaswami Subramanyam

Dr. Ramaswami Subramanyam works as Associate professor and Head, Department of English, Madura college, Madurai, Tamilnadu. His PhD is on Sri Aurobindo. He has also published extensively on Sri Aurobindo and Indic themes. He is also member of the Senate, Madurai Kamaraj University. He takes classes on The Life Divine for the public of Madurai. He has dedicated his entire life for disseminating the teaching of Sri Aurobindo and the mother.


Anmol Jain

Anmol Jain is a sadhak at Pondicherry, who dedicated himself to the sadhana of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga. He has studied all of Sri Aurobindo’s seminal works including Essays on the Gita, Upanishads, Synthesis of Yoga and Life Divine. Having worked with leading IT companies of India earlier, he plunged into full-time pursuit of spiritual life in his 30’s.