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Introduction to Ᾱdi Śañkara Life and works

Introduction to Ᾱdi Śañkara Life and works

Presenting an offering under our “Enlightened Masters” series.

This Indica Course is aimed at creating awareness about the life, times and contributions (including some of the key works) of di Śañkara Bhagavatpāda through various textual, historical, traditional and archaeological references.

15 Hours
Date & Time

25 June 2022 - 1 October 2022

6:00 PM -7:00 PM IST

Every Saturday


Course Fee: ₹3500
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Medium of Instruction
Online through Indica Courses Learning Portal
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Ᾱdi Śañkara Bhagavatpāda is one of the greatest minds witnessed by Bhārata-varṣa and the world. It’s a mind that combined logic and rationality, mysticism, spirituality, and devotion cohesively to bring out the true essence and purport of our shastras. The contributions of the cārya in the revival of the Upanishadic teachings and other aspects of Sanātana Dharma are unparalleled. However, as seen in most cases, these contributions are sometimes exaggerated stemming from an extreme attachment to the cārya and sometimes underplayed to make someone else or something else greater.

In this course, an attempt will be made to see things as they were to the extent possible based on available information which itself is awe-inspiring for all followers of Sanātana Dharma.

Learners will be given homework for self-reflection/study and recommended reading.


  • Study and reflect on the life and times of the cārya based on his biographies and other textual, historical, traditional and archaeological information
  • Study and reflect on the works of the cārya to understand better his thinking and the message he wanted to convey
  • Study and reflect on the contributions of the cārya (beyond his works) based on textual, historical and traditional references

Expected Outcomes

The participant will get a more informed understanding and hence appreciation of the contribution of the cārya to Sanātana Dharma.


  • The context – basic details on Vedas, Vedānta, Buddhism and its rise, impact on Vedic tradition
  • Birth of Śañkara & life at Kalady (incl. Kanakadhara-stavam)
  • Journey to meet the Guru (incl. Nirvana-Shatkam) & life on the banks of Narmada
  • Arriving at Kashi (incl. Bhaja-Govindam), Sanandana joins, Journey to Badri
  • Prasthāna-Traya-Bhāṣya (1/3)
  • Prasthāna-Traya-Bhāṣya (2/3)
  • Prasthāna-Traya-Bhāṣya (3/3)
  • Meeting with Vyasa, Coming to Prayaga, Meeting with Kumarila bhatta
  • Meeting with Mandana & the debate (1/2)
  • Meeting with Mandana & the debate (2/2
  • Moving to Sri Sailam (incl. Sivanandanlahari, Yoga taravali), Meeting with Kapalika, Narasimha-avesha in Padmapada
  • Travel to Dakshina Karnataka, Coming of Hastamalaka, Establishing the Sringeri Pitha
  • Coming to Kalady, Travel across Dravida desha (incl. Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam) (Digvijaya) – 1 /3 
  • Travel across various other regions (incl. Puri Jagannath) (Digvijaya) – 2/3
  • Travel across various other regions (incl. Sarvajna peetha in Kashmir) (Digvijaya) – 3/3; Coming to Kedar and disappearance


*Please note that if the number of registrations is less than 15, this Indica Course will be offered in the self-paced mode. The change of format shall be notified through email. Learners will also be notified when pre-recorded lectures are available for their perusal on the learning portal. There will no change in the course fee. Learners not interested in pursuing the self-paced format can either request for a transfer into any existing or upcoming course or a credit voucher redeemable in future for another course.


Subramanian C

An electrical engineer by qualification and a postgraduate in management from IIM Lucknow, Shri Subramanian C (commonly referred to as Subbu), hails from a family of Samavedic scholars. With an experience of more than 13 years in management consulting, he is currently working as the Director of Strategy for a leading MNC in India. He has several papers and articles to his credit published in various national and international journals as well as presentations in various conferences & seminars.

He has been a visiting faculty of Vedanta, Itihasa, Puranas and Bhakti in the University of Mumbai, from where he has done his M.A. in Sanskrit (Specialization in Vedanta) and Diploma in Manuscriptology. He has formally studied Veda chanting for 8 years and is currently pursuing his doctoral studies on ‘Indic perspectives for modern leadership’ from Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth. Subbu is also trained in Carnatic Music, having begun his formal training at the age of 13. His YouTube channel called ‘Subbu’s corner’ comprises of sessions aimed at increasing awareness of our great Indic tradition and knowledge.