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Integral Well-Being

Integral Well-Being

This Indica Course weaves together Indian philosophy, approaches to understanding holistic wellness and guided practices of  āsana, prāṇāyāma, mantra and bhāvana along with fundamental Āyurvedic insights on preventive and promotive health.


Enroll today for a mind-body-spirit alignment.

22.5 Hours
Date & Time

18 November 2022 - 12 May 2023

6:30 PM -8:00 PM IST

Every Friday (Except on 2nd and 9th December 2022, 20th and 27th January 2023, 3rd and 24th February 2023, 17th March 2023, 14th and 21st and 27th April 2023)


Course Fee: ₹3500
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
One year from the beginning of the course
Online through INDICA Courses Portal
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The steady but incessant march of new age technology and the global corporate sector, while with manifold benefits in the form of improved quality of living and opportunities for professional growth, comes with its own caveat.

As gadgets rule our world, and a post pandemic work from home model becomes increasingly normalised, health and wellness keep getting sacrificed at the altar of efficient working and state of the art technological expertise.

From a time when the majority of care seekers for Yoga based interventions required management of musculoskeletal issues, there is a gradual but discernible shift to the need for cognitive and emotional wellness, that supports and is enhanced by physiological, environmental, social and spiritual wellness.

As rates of stress, anxiety and depression increase worldwide, further exacerbated by prevailing financial insecurities and everchanging sociopolitical dynamics, there is an inordinate pressure that a majority of individuals from all nations and all walks of life experience.

In such times, ancient disciplines of Ayurveda and Yoga offer us much insight to not only understand but also methods to cope with these challenges, with confidence and from a position of strength rather than vulnerability.

This course is designed to be interactive and participative with weekly assignments for reflection and practices to be followed through the learning period.

Course Syllabus 

  • Unit 1 – Insights on Health and Wellness from the Veda-s, Vedānta, Yoga, and Sāṁkhya
  • Unit 2 – Understanding subtle anatomy and its influence on wellness – triguṇa, tridoṣā, pañcabhūta,pañcaprāṇa, pañcamaya, nāḍī, cakra, agni and mala
  • Unit 3 – Individual uniqueness of constitution
  • Unit 4 – Mind – fetters that bind and connections that set us free – pañca kleśā, citta vikṣepa, antarāya, ṣaḍ ūrmi, ṣaḍvikāra, aṣṭapāśa – Fundamentals of Indian Psychology – Insights from Yogasūtra, Viveka Chūḍāmaṇi, Yoga Vāśiṣṭha, Bhagavadgīta
  • Unit 5 – āhāra, vihāra, ācāra, vicāra and vyavahāra – essential pillars of holistic wellbeing
  • Unit 6 – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lifestyles – dinacarya, ritucarya, yama, niyama, āsana, prāṇāyāma, pratyāhāra, mantra, japa, bhāvana, nyāsa dhyāna, teerthayātra and utsava – relevance and application in our lives


Watch this video for a detailed course overview



Nrithya Jagannathan

Nrithya Jagannathan is the Director of Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) Institute of Yoga Studies.

Trained in Vedic chanting, she is a C-IAYT, ERYT-500 and YACEP.

A student of Sri TKV Desikachar, she has a professional experience of more than 18 years.

She is also the Editor-in-chief of KYM’s quarterly e-journal on Yoga and Yoga Cikitsa.

She is a life member of the Indian Yoga Association and a member of the Standing Academic Accreditation committee of the Indian Yoga Association.

She is also Bharatanatyam dancer, teacher and choreographer, with many awards to her credit.

She has traveled extensively representing the KYM at numerous events/seminars/workshops across the world.