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Indian Mathematics

Indian Mathematics

This online INDICA course will clear your concepts of mathematics and build a strong foundation, through interesting stories and fun-filled examples. It will also help you to prepare for competitive exams.

21 Hours
Date & Time

8 January 2024 - 22 April 2024

6:00 PM IST-7:30 PM IST

Every Monday (Except on 25th of March 2024)


Course Fee: ₹4000
Enrollment Manual
Medium of Instruction
This course is for anyone in standard 8 th and above. This course is for all young and old. Also for adults looking to revise and sharpen their mathematical knowledge.
One year from the end date of the course
Online through INDICA Courses Portal
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Ancient India had made great contributions to the field of mathematics. Almost everyone knows that the decimal place value system was created in India. But do you know that the binary number system was also created in India.

Did you know that algebra originated in India? What is popularly known as the Pascal’s triangle is predated by at least 1800 years by Pingala’s Meru Prastaar. What is popularly known as Fibonacci sequence is actually Virahanka’s numbers.

This course will create this awareness with credible references.

Course Outcomes

  • Clear concepts and a strong foundation in Indian mathematics
  • Develop problem solving skills

Course Syllabus

  • Basic sutras of Vedic Mathematics
  • Some basic concepts of Algebra
  • Progressions and summations
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Binary number system and Pingala’s algorithms
  • Time, speed and distance problems
  • Recreational mathematics

Course includes

  • Live sessions
  • Access to class recordings (for asynchronous participation)
  • Certificate of Completion upon successful course completion

Chandrahas M. Halai

Shri Chandrahas M. Halai is an Engineering, IT and Management consultant.

He is also an author and columnist.

He has written many articles and papers on Mathematics, Indian Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science and Management. His research papers and articles have been published in international journals.

He is the author of two books – “Vedic Mathematics, Inside Out” and “Meru Prastaar, wonder world of Indian mathematics”.

He is also a travel photographer and writer.

Many of his travel stories have been published in one of India’s largest selling magazine “Chitralekha”.

He used to write the popular column, “Atulya Bharat” on places in India in the Gujarati newspaper “Mid Day”.

He is a guest faculty at We School, leading management college in Mumbai.

He has delivered many special lectures on Mathematics, Indian Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Computer Science at many institutes in India.

He is also a designer, painter and avid trekker-hiker.