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Sneha Bhushan

Sneha Bhushan

Faculty, INDICA Courses

Sneha Bhushan, hailing from Bangalore, is a seasoned Software IT professional with a passion for education and cultural preservation. Alongside her career in the tech industry, Sneha dedicates her time and expertise as a part-time teacher and volunteer with the Core Sharada Team since 2020.

With a strong foundation in software development and IT solutions, Sneha brings a unique perspective to her role within the Core Sharada Team. Her commitment to the revitalization of the Sharada script is evident in her enthusiastic contributions to teaching and advocacy efforts.

Sneha’s dual roles as a software professional and educational volunteer reflect her versatile skill set and her unwavering dedication to promoting knowledge and cultural heritage. Through her involvement with the Core Sharada Team, Sneha continues to make meaningful contributions to the preservation and dissemination of this ancient script.

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