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Dr. Meera Rastogi

Faculty, Indica Courses

Dr. Meera Rastogi belongs to the direct lineage of Prof. K.C. Pandey and Prof. Navjivan Rastogi. She retired from Lucknow University as Assistant Professor, Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages. She has worked on “Abhinavagupta’s theory of speech” as a General Fellow of Indian Council of Philosophical Research. Dr. Rastogi’s publications include Tāntrika Shivādvayavāda meṅ Icchā-Swātantrya tathā Niyamanavāda (Freewill and Determinism in Tantrika Shaiva-monism), Classical Publications Co-edited with Prof. Navjivan Rastogi, Abhinavā: Prof. Kanti Chandra Pandey Commemoration Volume, MRML, 2013. She has also published research papers and delivered lectures on various topics of Kashmir Shaivism.