I was happy with the way the course was conducted.  The syllabus was curated in a way that even beginners were able to get the core meaning of Indic psychology.  I also found that there was a structure flow in the level of the classes where we were guided from the basic idea to the higher level without feeling difficult to grasp the meaning of the content.  The course facilitator was highly knowledgeable and was very patient in answering all our queries.  I love INDICA Courses as they are very unique and make us understand and develop deep knowledge in Indic systems.  I recommend INDICA Courses to anyone who has even the slightest interest or passion about Indic knowledge systems.  The teachers are really knowledgeable in their respective field and try as much as possible to transfer this wonderful treasure to all.  Thank you INDICA Courses for giving me such an opportunity to learn from a great teacher.  I am eagerly waiting to join further courses in Indica.